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The Marketing Team You've Always Wanted

You’ve tried running Google Ads on your own with mixed results. Your marketing manager knows social media but isn’t doing much outside of that. You’ve hired an agency and definitely aren’t seeing the results you think you should be getting for what you pay them.

Rest easy, those days are over. Instead of one person, you now have a team that lives, breathes, and dreams Google Ads. And loves it. Whether you’re a small local business or a multi-national retailer, it’s time to get the results you know you deserve.

Factor One Ads Team

Easy To Understand, Hard To Do

Advertising on Google is not difficult to understand. In fact the basic premise is quite easy – connect your ads with relevant keywords people use in a Google search. However, you can quickly be overwhelmed with the enormity that such a platform provides. This is not a knock on your skills or abilities to manage, it merely requires an incredible amount of time and expertise to leverage the capabilities Google’s advertising solutions. 

It’s no longer your team’s responsibility to understand Google, it’s ours. In forging a long term relationship with your team you benefit because we learn the cycles that affect your business. Strategies are built around short, medium, and long terms goals. As new features and capabilities become available we’re able to move quickly to put them to work for your strategy.

A Successful Approach

Factor One Google Ads Management

Team Collaboration

Successful campaigns are built on good communication between sales and marketing. We meet regularly with your team so we can all learn from each other and report back from the front lines.

Unlike other agencies, your new team is always learning about your business. In addition we share insights about Google that can benefit your entire company.

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Audience Optimization

Your customers are unique. They can’t be slotted into simple age and gender categories. Marketing on Google allows us to understand their interests which in turn makes campaigns feel like they are speaking directly to them.

Once our team learns and shares this data with you, incorporating it into other marketing channels elevates your business.

AI Machine learning instructor for Google Ads Network

Machine Learning

It’s impossible for a human to analyze billions of data points in milliseconds and find recognizable patterns. Fortunately, we don’t need to. Artificial intelligence and machine learning has come a long way.

Your new team knows how to put these systems to work for your business.

Strategies That Deliver

Learn how these Google Ads strategies delivered results for our partners.

increase in online ticket sales revenue year over year

increase in website conversion rate on ticket sales with YouTube ads

year over year increase in ecommerce sales with Google Shopping.

increase in organic website traffic and new listing conversions

Google Ads Insights

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