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How did it all start?  Factor One Marketing has been in business for over 20 years, with a laser focus on online marketing in the last 10. We started out with a bunch of retail clients using our e-commerce/POS retail solution and kept seeing the amount of sales that came through or lack thereof. There was a lot “Field of Dreams” attitude of “If you build it, they will come” which isn’t how the web works Costner.

So to help those clients solve slow e-commerce sales we started running some online marketing for them with Google Ads. And as it turns out, we were pretty good at it. Almost immediately their stores started to perform better and they were happy to pay us to keep it up.

That feeling when Google looks you up. Google approached Factor One Marketing shortly after and noticed that we were running several accounts under our login that were performing exceptionally well so they invited us to join their partner program. Turning down Google didn’t seem like a good business move so after a lot of certifications, we became a full-fledged Google partner and have been growing this part of our business ever since.

We’re a one trick pony and proud of it. Our competitors are often Jacks of all trades and masters of none. We’re specialists not generalists. We don’t do everything. We do a few things really well. We’re immersed in the world of Digital Marketing as a certified Google partner rather than attempting to be all things to all customers. Others may promise everything and the kitchen sink like website design, social media, branding, copywriting as well as digital marketing on Google but result in being lukewarm at all of it.

A Well Connected One Trick Pony

Factor One connections

While Factor One Marketing specializes in one thing – digital marketing as a Google partner, we know other specialists for other internet marketing services. Quite a few talented professionals as a matter of fact, who belong to a global community of marketing experts called Communo. Through our partnership with Communo we offer other services you might be after from our vetted community of marketing professionals. So access to other high-end on demand resources at a reduced cost are at the ready when you want to scale or maybe just need a referral. Together we’re transforming the internet marketing services industry through the democratization of business resources and assets.

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