Performance Max Campaigns

Performance Max Campaigns

The New Frontier In Digital Marketing

Performance Max Campaigns are quickly becoming the most effective way for companies using Google Ads to find customers. Using machine learning and all of Google’s platforms, we can reach an audience pretty much anywhere on the web with the right ad at the right time.

To effectively run Performance Max in Google Ads requires knowing how to not only feed machine learning, but also how to speak to it. Fortunately, our team has these unique skills. And we have the results to prove it.

Performance Max Campaigns

Marketing Is Now More Science Than Art

Machine Learning is what drives Performance Max (PMAX) results. But knowing how to talk to that machine is where we come in. With PMAX campaigns, it’s all about knowing what variables Google Ads needs to learn more about your customers and understanding when it needs more (or less) information to reach them better. Then, it’s all about execution.

Because PMAX runs ads on Google Search, YouTube, Shopping Campaigns, Gmail, Display, Discovery, and Google Maps in a single campaign, the amount of data it learns from is staggering. However, in the end it still needs humans to guide it. 

What does this mean for you? It means you’ll be confident knowing that you’re working with a marketing team that also lives and breathes the science. Lot’s of people like to say the words ‘machine learning’ and ‘AI’ but few know how to wield it. 

Our Approach For Performance Max

Factor One Case Studies

Feed Management

Google’s Merchant Centre is the tool that trips up most retailers. It’s complex, counterintuitive, and full of rules. Many retailers simply avoid it. Unfortunately they end up missing out on Google Shopping.

No need to worry about that with your Google Shopping Agency. We manage it so you don’t have to.

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Audience Optimization

Not every person is the same, nor are their searches for the products they want to buy. We use data analytics, search patterns, and learn what characteristics your most avid buyers have.

We then make sure that those types of people are finding you in Google Shopping.

AI Machine learning instructor for Google Ads Network

Machine Learning

It’s impossible for a human to analyze billions of data points in milliseconds and find recognizable patterns. Fortunately we don’t need to. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have come a long way.

Your new team knows how to put these systems to work.

Performance Max Strategies That Delivered

Learn how our Performance Max Campaigns delivered results for these retailers.

Return On Ad Spend with Performance Max Campaigns

Return On Ad Spend with Performance Max Campaigns

Return On Ad Spend with Performance Max Campaigns

Return On Ad Spend with Performance Max Campaigns

Performance Max Insights

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