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Considering a YouTube advertising agency? Over 2 billion people watch videos on YouTube every month. The opportunity for companies to reach their customers on the platform has never been greater. But taking a 30 second TV ad and putting it on YouTube rarely generates results. 

Creating ad campaigns for a specific audience is what works best. Watch what happens when you have our YouTube advertising agency working for you. You don’t need to know the nuances of YouTube video marketing. You have a complete team now at your disposal.

YouTube Advertising Agency

YouTube Advertising University

How-to and product review videos are some of the most watched content on YouTube. Online video is ubiquitous as a tool for research, learning, and influencing a person’s decision on whether or not they want to engage with a company or product. Failing to have a presence or video strategy costs companies millions of dollars in lost sales to organizations that do have a YouTube video marketing strategy.

Adding video into your internet marketing strategy can expose your brand to millions of new customers. Combining Google Search & Display with YouTube video marketing is a powerful strategy that any company can execute. If they have the right marketing partner. As luck would have it our youtube advertising agency is pretty good at this, just put us to work.

A Successful Approach

Factor One YouTube Advertising

Video Production

Don’t let the lack of a video hold you back from advertising on YouTube. We can help you produce an effective ad that will appeal to your audience.

The key is to produce a video ad that is designed to work well on YouTube. After talking with our team you’ll be excited at how affordable an effective ad can be.

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Audience Optimization

Not every person is the same, nor are their interests. YouTube audience metrics allow businesses to connect with their customers in ways traditional media simply can’t.

Our team works with yours to help you improve your brand recognition with the audiences that want to engage with your brand. Reach them on mobile, desktop, TV and gaming consoles.

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YouTube Remarketing

All of us are watching our favorite content on YouTube. It’s the perfect platform for remarketing video ads to people who have visited your website.

Launching a new product? Adding a new podcast? Having a Black Friday sale? We’ll connect with your website visitors while they’re watching the next viral video on YouTube. 

YouTube Strategies That Deliver

YouTube campaigns are unique and fun, just like the platform. How do these stories inspire your creative marketing side?

year over year increase in e-commerce conversion rate on website

year over year increase in overall website traffic

increase in revenue from YouTube geographic target markets

year over year increase in branded related search queries

Ads We've Produced

Don’t have a video? Not too worry, we have you covered. We can help create the right type of video for your business and for YouTube. We know what works on YouTube and will ensure your ad encompasses these features. What makes this even better is we can repurpose these videos to remarket to those who have shown interest or interacted in some way with your business.

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