YouTube Advertising

YouTube Advertising – Why?

YouTube advertising is fast becoming the best medium for companies and brands to reach their potential customers in a way that is cheaper and more engaging that TV or radio advertising.  In and age of cord-cutting YouTube advertising allows you to connect with people where they are watching, on their mobile devices.

We can help your company and brand get in front of your audience with YouTube campaigns for AdWords.  With demographic, interest, topic and keyword targeting your video ads can run as skippable pre-roll to some of the most popular videos on YouTube.

Content Targeting

With millions of hours of video content uploaded daily more people are going to YouTube to find ideas and inspiration for things that affect their lives daily.  As marketers, this gives us an incredible opportunity to advertise products and services that directly relate to the content of the videos that people are watching.

How is this better than TV?  For one, you aren’t limited to 30 or 60 seconds for a commercial, you can use however much time you need for your ad. Second, YouTube viewers are much more engaged with their screen than people watching TV, and we have a better chance of people recalling an ad seen on YouTube vs. TV.  Not convinced?  Consider these statistics.

Ad Attention - TV vs YouTube
Attention To Paid TV Advertising
Attention Paid To Mobile YouTube Advertising
Attention Paid To Ads
YouTube Myth #1

YouTube is only for watching viral videos

YouTube Advertising Myth 1
YouTube Advertising Myth 2
YouTube Advertising Myth 3
YouTube Advertising Myth 4
YouTube Myth #2

Only millennials love YouTube

YouTube Advertising Myth 6
YouTube Advertising Myth 5
YouTube Advertising Myth 7
YouTube Advertising Myth 8

Demographic & Interest Targeting

YouTube Advertising allows for some very specific targeting which allows us to optimize your campaign based on demographics, interests, in-market segments, remarketing lists and more.  As Google partners, we let the data steer us in the right direction.  Often, the data challenges traditional beliefs in these metrics.

As just a small example, gaming and videos related to gaming on YouTube are one of the fastest growing segments.  However, most people would dismiss “gamers” as a younger male demographic who don’t have a high disposable income.  Guess what?  You’d not only be wrong but they fit many of checkboxes of what traditional marketers covet, but they don’t watch TV.  They are on YouTube.

of YouTube gamers say they spend more time watching gaming videos on YouTube than playing games.
of YouTube gamers are parents
of YouTube gamers say they watch YouTube videos to learn how to get better at a game.
of gamers are above the 34-year-old millennial threshold

YouTube Bumper Ads

YouTube bumper ads are one of the most interesting advertising formats to come about in the last year.  Bumpers are 6 seconds long unskippable ads that play before a video on YouTube.  These are quite appealing to smaller companies because you can create many different types of bumper ads and experiment with them.  Moreover, they are very effective on mobile, where a majority of people are consuming YouTube content.

Consider the following case study for Netflix as it used bumper ads to promote Orange Is The New Black in Asia.  Brand recall metrics were the most effective ones to track.