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Google Analytics

Return On Intelligence

Companies overlook the value that Google Analytics provides. In doing so they leave a great deal of money on the table. If you’re the company that has Analytics running on your website but glance at it only a few times a year, we need to talk. 

When used properly Google Analytics can unearth data and patterns that help companies grow revenue. Our team analyzes the website data you’re currently overlooking. You already know that some answers are sitting there for the taking. Feel more confident knowing you have a team of data analysts working for you.

Factor One Google Analytics

Where Guesses Become Educated

Machine learning, one of the tools within Google Analytics, works by crunching vast quantities of data in search of patterns. We’re able to use these patterns to make marketing campaigns perform better. Campaigns built around machine learning insights get far better returns than those built on guesses.

Even if you have a small website with average traffic, Google Analytics likely has gigabytes of useful data. The more traffic your site gets, the more insights are gathered through machine learning. Small or large, our team is very good at finding useful data. Our clients repeatedly tell us that they find the information we gather financially useful.

A Successful Approach

Factor One Google Analytics

Website Performance

There is much you can learn knowing how people interact with your website. 

Our team uses Google Analytics to find patterns that help drive more conversions in addition to finding areas that can also be stopping people from converting.

We work tightly with developers in providing teams insights for continuous website improvements.

Factor one Google Analytics

Website Analytics

This is where we deep dive into the people on your website. Looking at data like how often they return, what their interests are and even demographic similarities that underlie them.

As we pull the data together we find the stories and patterns that lead to better marketing decisions and performance and share them with your team.

Factor One Google Analytics

Data Insights

This is where the real magic happens. Leveraging the machine learning tools of Google Analytics is not only looking at the past but also using predicting the future.

This is where we help you take your sales and marketing meetings from ordinary affairs to legendary.

Finding A Companies "Digital Truth"

Identifying data that accurately represents reality is becoming more important in getting the most out of marketing.

increase in conversion rate by people in market for “business & productivity software”

year over year increase in conversion rate by iPhone users

increase in conversion rate by “fashionistas”.

increase in conversion rate by people in market for “staffing and recruitment services”

Google Analytics Insights

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