What Is A Performance Max Campaign?

What Is A Performance Max Campaign

Performance Max Campaigns Are New

A Performance Max Campaign is a new ad format that Google made available to the general public in late 2021.  It’s unique in that it uses ad assets in various combinations on all of Google’s platforms such as Google Search, YouTube, Gmail, Google Shopping, Google Maps and Google Discover.

Prior to Performance Max, advertisers would advertise on all those platforms, but they tended to be campaigns that ran independent of one another. With Performance Max it’s like running all those campaigns in a singular focused effort where they work together to reach specific conversion goals.

What Is A Performance Max Campaign - Ad Platforms

Machine Learning

Moreover, Performance Max leverages machine learning to know when a person may be receptive to seeing a particular ad asset at the right time in order to drive a conversion event. This could only be achieved through machine learning. By analyzing thousands, if not millions, of data points to find patterns it can then optimize for.

Performance Max Campaigns are new but are the future of how Digital Marketing is progressing, using sophisticated strategies while also adhering to best practices for consumer privacy on Google.

Audience Focused

Google Search queries will always be the bedrock of understanding what a person is interested in. However, audience interests are also important. Knowing how to get the right ad, in the right format, at the right time in front of a person is essential to driving conversions.

Interests include In-Market segments (what might they be currently researching to buy). In additon, what their broader interests are, what websites they tend to frequent are also valuble. Using audience targeting based on multiple insights, it’s more effective to create and use ad assets that connect in a way to drive confidence in a decision.

Conversion Driven Performance

With Performance Max campaigns you can create multiple conversion events for the marketing to try and achieve, along with more complex bid strategies. This flexibility allows advertisers to use ad budget more effectively for the types of campaigns they wish to run.

Maximize Conversions, Target CPA and Target ROAS are just a few that can help.  Target ROAS can be effective for retailers where a transaction sale generated from Google Ads can be attributed to a single or multiple campaigns. Performance Max can try and achieve a specific return on ad spend percentage.

Think Performance Max Could Work For You?

Curious to know if Performance Max Campaigns could work for your business?  Just contact us and set up a meeting and we can discuss the possibilities for your company. Our team wants to know more about your business and how we can be a valuable part of your marketing team.

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