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Google announces free retail space on their platforms

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Surfaces Across Google, a new feature, enables ecommerce products to be seen on various Google platforms for free!

Surfaces Across Google is essentially a rich organic search result for products sold online. Google Shopping showcases paid-for ads at the top of the page when people type in a product related search query. Underneath they can show organic search or image results. These results are free and are ranked based off of a number of factors such as page speed and how well your website relates to what someone searched for.

Surfaces Across Google results are similar to organic results in that they are free and based off of information important to viewers. The key difference are the information rich format in which they are displayed, including image, price and store name. These products can be showcased on Google Image, Search, and Shopping tab results. Google does this is by crawling your website as well as your Merchant Center listings. Using machine learning they can match your products to someone’s search query.

The main benefit of showcasing your products this way is how easy it is once Google can read your product information properly. Google does all the work and lists your products on their multiple services like YouTube and Images, reaching a large amount of people looking for what you offer. This means increased website traffic and more transactions- what business wouldn’t want that?!

Google Merchant Centre Is Your Key

Surfaces Across Google is currently only available in the US  however it is scheduled to launch in Canada shortly. You’ll want to start preparing today so when it does launch your products are listing on the first day. This opportunity for businesses to showcase their products on the largest search engine in organic search results will change how customers connect with retailers in a profound way.

To be a part of this opportunity, you’ll need to have a  Merchant Center account properly set up to pull the information from your website. Merchant Center can be tricky to work with (especially for beginners). Fortunately for you, we know our way around! If you need help with setting up your account, then reach out to us today and we can help you be ready to promote your store on Surfaces Across Google.

Find out more how we help by visiting our Google Shopping page.

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