Google Ads Management

Small business stories of resilience

Using Google's tools to stay connected with customers

COVID-19 knocked down thousands of small businesses across the globe. As each country has seen the virus spread at different times and velocities, the degree of economic lockdowns has varied too. No matter what country or situation they were presented with, small businesses have been creative in adjusting to new circumstances. Many are using Google’s tools such as YouTube, Google My Business and Google Ads to serve their customers and employees.

Here are some inspiring stories of how they’re coping with running a small business during COVID-19.

Progetto Quid | Milan, Italy

Texas Green Plumbing | Texas, USA

BoxFit | New Delhi, India

Favela Brass | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Krishne Tassels | Bengaluru, India

Someone Somewhere | Mexico

Mr B's Emporium | Bath, England

Caffe Lena | Saratoga Springs, New York

Daddy Jack's | Connecticut, USA

Highway Inn | Hawaii, USA

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