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We often get asked, how long should my YouTube ad be?  Truthfully, YouTube is such a diverse platform that some ads that are 4 or 5 minutes in length can be very effective, especially when you’re hitting the right audience.

What works best on YouTube is experimenting with not only the audiences that will see your ads, but also the content that they will most connect with.

The above Air Canada ad was about 1:30 in length and was one of the most watched ads by Canadians in 2019 (both organically and through ads).  Likely this ad content would connect with audiences that fall into a multitude of categories, such as:

In Market – Air Travel > Travel By Class

Affinity – Travel Buffs

Interests – TV Comedies

We work well with creative marketing teams to provide insights to not only connect with the right audiences but also helping use data to drive creative experimentation to better reach new customers.

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