Creating For Time Of Day

YouTube is a very versatile platform that allows you to use many of the sophisticated options available in Google Ads. This not only enables you to adjust your budget based on time of day, but you can also update your YouTube ads based on this feature as well.

This is where knowing what you can do on the Google platform allows marketers to put their creative brains to work and come up with some ideas that can really connect with customers.

Take Ikea Canada for example. With a strategic focus on the bedroom, IKEA wanted to use online video in an innovative way to highlight the mattress as a key protagonist of the complete sleep offer. They learned that one third of Canadians do not sleep the 7-hours per night that they should, and are often exhausted. IKEA decided to use this insight as inspiration for a campaign message around sleep that anchored the creative and resonated with many — but still left room for customization.

The campaign creative consisted of a 15-second spot that ran on YouTube late at night, between 10:45 p.m. and 3:30 a.m., encouraging viewers to stop watching and get some rest.  The results were pretty spectacular for IKEA as far as campaign metrics go.  This is a prime example of how Google uses YouTube ads.  

Lift In Ad Recall
0 %

Viewers who recalled the brand after seeing the the YouTube ad.

Cost Per Store Visit
$ 0

50,000 views resulted in offline store visits (yes it’s possible to track this in Google Ads).

Increase In Search
0 %

Customers actively searching IKEA bed products online.

Want to know what else you can do on Google Ads with YouTube? Let’s get our team together with your marketing team and create unique campaigns that help grow your business!

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