SEO Calgary – If you’re a local business in Calgary, getting your pages ranked for keyword searches and phrases that local Calgarians use is the most important SEO strategy you can have.  When you’re dealing with a local SEO Calgary agency, that is what we specialize in.  Our local market.

Like most businesses in Calgary, we get way too many calls from SEO agency shops located in far off countries that don’t know anything about business in Calgary.  Yes, even us as an SEO Calgary agency get five to eight calls a week telling us that we too can rank #1 on Google!  However, if you’re like us we prefer to deal with local partners simply because there is something to be said when you can meet up and talk business face to face over coffee, lunch or dinner.


Search engine optimization is something every website should be doing. Humans see websites differently than the search engines, that is why we need to optimize websites. Our team at Factor One focuses on real results and only ever uses white hat tactics. Our main focus is on-site optimization and cleaning up the business name, phone number, address on the most important directories. We also offer services that help SEO such as keyword research, content writing and our in-house web developer ensures websites are seamless and load fast as lightning.

Reporting is an extremely important part of measuring the success of marketing investments. We create informative dashboards for our clients and email them every month, so clients have a great idea of what is working and what needs improvement. Our SEO experts also advise on best practices in the monthly meetings to help clients streamline the online marketing efforts.

Expected results: SEO is a long-term investment to your site, however, results are quite tangible. Our goal is to have your search console, Google Analytics, Google My Business listing, directory listings and the website optimized, so your site shows up higher in search results.

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Our data-driven marketers would go crazy without having proper reporting set up for our clients. We track everything we can, phone calls to emails, leads and online sales, from every marketing effort our clients invest into, even if those are not through us. Our most successful retail clients find it very helpful to know their in-house social media management and email marketing efforts are included in the monthly reporting they get from us.

Some of our clients need more than a monthly discussion, so we also offer dynamic dashboards. Clients can log into their unique portal to access important data on the go. These are customizable, live dashboards that are focused on the data the client wants to see.

Reporting is included in all the services we offer, and so are the monthly meetings. Client portals are included in some online marketing packages.

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SEO is so much more than just trying to get pages ranked in top positions on Google.  SEO is also learning about how well your brand is searched on Google.  For example, do you currently know how often in a month your brand gets searched on Google?  Or, are you running a local radio ad and not sure if it is working?

One way working with a knowledgeable and interested SEO agency is we can give you reporting back on the brand lift.  What is brand lift?  Let’s look at the example of running a radio ad.  If you paid for a month or two of advertising on the morning show, we can look at how often your brand got searched on Google in comparison to the period before the ads were running.  We can also dig a bit deeper and see if those searches were from new visitors, older visitors and if we have conversion tracking set up, did they convert?

It’s not just about ranking first on Google.

of consumers used a search engine when looking for information about local businesses.
of Canadian smartphone users turn to a search engine when looking for a local business.
of people who conduct a local search on their smartphone visit a related store within a week.
of on-the-go searches have local intent.


The Set Up

The SEO Audit is the starting point for any project.  With the audit, we do a complete evaluation of your website as it stands at that point in time.  It’s like taking a before picture of how your presence is on the web and how you currently rank for keywords as well as localized keyword searches.

Here are just some of the important areas we’ll cover in the audit.

Our fee for the audit and set up is $1,000 and includes your base report and all the time we take to go in and optimize your top five pages.

We also use the base report to outline our plan for the next several months.

  • Local Search Audit – We dissect your website to see where it’s weak and where it’s strong and identify what we need to fix on your top five pages to improve your rank.
  • Rankings – Pretty self-explanatory but we’ll see what pages you’re ranking locally for your most important keywords words.
  • Listings – We’ll see which directories you’re currently listed on, which ones you should be on and is all the listing information correct.
  • Reviews – We’ll go out and see all the major review sites including Google, Facebook, Yelp, and others to see how you’re faring and if there are any areas to work on.
  • Google My Business – Probably the most important listing you can have when it comes to SEO.
The Work

Now that we have a plan we need to get to work!  Now, SEO is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.  But, we now have our blueprint for moving forward and start making incremental improvements to more pages.

Our SEO services are $750 per month which covers a great deal of work that we do to help improve your results.

Each business is different in what they need so each plan is going to be different in what the goal is and what needs to be done to start seeing the results that each client needs.

  • Optimize target pages and blog posts
  • Search Console monitoring and indexing updated pages
  • Make use of data highlighter and rich cards
  • Directory listings
  • Ongoing optimization with Google organic results changes

Optimizing the website is where we really excel.  Again, SEO is not just about ranking really high.  It doesn’t do much good to rank high if your traffic isn’t converting on your website, so this is where we like to spend the majority of our time on a client’s strategy.

For this, we use Google Analytics to evaluate what is really going on once the traffic is coming to your site.  Over time, we’ll learn more about what needs to be changed and optimized on the actual website to get more goal conversions for your business.  After all, what good is traffic unless it’s turning into new business!

  • Evaluate search term impressions and keywords that local searchers are using to find your services or products.
  • Evaluate bounce rates on your website to figure out why people may or may not be leaving your site.
  • Where necessary, evaluate and test different goal funnels to optimize conversions.
  • Strategize to optimize the experience for desktop and mobile traffic.
  • Deep dive into your Google Analytics report to find new opportunities you may be missing with your traffic.
Finding The Droids

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