Paid Search Marketing – The Google advertising platform isn’t just text and display ads but also video, engagement, mobile and more.  Each campaign you run should have a specific purpose and goal in mind.  We make sure you’re set up to meet those goals.


Most campaign goal tracking is set up to capture contact forms or direct sales. Customers also call.  Allot.  It helps to know what drove that call so you know which campaigns are driving those calls.  This is a vital component of on online campaign.


If any of your target demographic is either millennials, moms or simply people it’s insanity not to be using YouTube as a primary way of getting your brand and message in front of them.  How many of us pay more attention to our phones while watching TV?


If you’re simply regurgitating remarketing ads to previous visitors you’re missing the point and probably just annoying them.  We do remarketing the right way, managing your lists and giving them ads they want to see and that will drive more conversions.


Search Ads

How do you know if you need to have Google search ads, or if you’re running your own campaign if they are working?  Pick up your phone right now open Google and put in a search your customer might put in.  What do you see? Your ad?  A competitor ad?

Paid search marketing ads on the Google platform are probably the basic yet most effective form of advertising on the Google platform.  We like to think of these ads as targeting people at the bottom end of the sales funnel and following them through to a conversion.

In the most basic sense, someone has asked Google a question and the text ad is our way of saying we have the answer.  For very popular keywords the first four results are paid ads whereby you only pay if someone clicks on them.

Our primary job as marketers is to go after the most relevant traffic for our client but also track how well that traffic converts into a lead or a sale.  We focus on what type of traffic converts better such as mobile or desktop.  Are there certain times of day that people convert more than others.

Mirco Moments

Display Ads

Display Ads are a great tool for promoting your brand to those who may not know who you are and what your products or services are.  Typically referred to as “banner ads” these run on the Google display network which represent millions of websites across the globe.

What can make display ads so effective is that we are able to target them to specific segments of people, such as those who may be in the market for your products or services, a specific demographic of people as well as those who are interested in what you sell or do.

Mobile Ads

When we search for something on mobile our mindset is much different than when we search for something while on our laptop or computers.  With this in mind, it’s important that we are tailoring our marketing for mobile devices.

As consumers on mobile, our patience level is very low however our expectation is very high when we search for something.  Terms such as “near me” are more popular on mobile than on desktop.  On mobile, when a person goes to a website they may only have but a few moments to get the information they need, so mobile ads need to speak to this.

We focus our client’s mobile paid search marketing campaigns slightly differently from the desktop in that we focus on directions, tap to call and keep the information on pages easy and fast, making it less likely for the customer to try a different site and potentially be lost forever.

Why Mobile Ads Are Important

Google Shopping Ads

If you’re a retailer with an e-commerce site then it’s an absolute necessity that you’re running Google Shopping Ads.  Most agencies don’t know how to run proper shopping campaigns, mostly because they don’t understand the business of retail.  That’s not the case with us.

Running a proper shopping campaign can be extremely profitable because your product ads are connecting and showing for people who are looking for your exact product or brand.  These cost per click ads are fairly inexpensive and are a great way for someone to connect with retailers that sell the products they are looking for that may not have known they even existed.

More importantly, statistics show that 3 out of 4 people that clicked on a retailer shopping ad locally actually visited that store within 24 hours of interacting with the ad.

If you’re a retailer in Calgary and not running a shopping campaign then you need to stop what you’re doing and call us right away so we can help!

Why Google Shopping Ads Work

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How It Works

Do you ever wonder when your phone rings where the person may have found you and why they’ve called?  Getting tired of asking how they found you and getting the answer “on the internet”?

Call tracking gives us the ability to assign multiple phone numbers to different channels and have them all forward to your main line.  This way we can track if a call came from the number they saw on a Google Ad, Organic, social media or print advertising campaign.  We also are able to make the phone number change on your website based on the source that they came from.

This allows us to better understand where customers are finding you, when they’re calling and how valuable each marketing channel is for driving conversions.

AdWords Integration

When our clients use Call Tracking with AdWords the real magic starts to happen that helps propel a campaign forward.

Not only are we able to tell that the customer called as a result of seeing or interacting with their ad, we also know what keyword they searched for, what the ad copy was and even what position the ad was in on their Google search.

This allows us to start to see which keywords are the most valuable and which ads tend to lead to the most calls.  And any business owners that we’ve worked with tell us that they would much rather talk with the customer in person because there is a much better chance of getting the business.

Call Recording

Call recording is a powerful feature that gives us the ability to allow you to listen to the quality of the calls coming in from each marketing channel for which we have a tracking number.

More importantly, this is a great tool for training or monitoring staff to ensure that they are handling the incoming calls and handling the calls the way you need them to.

Some of our clients have used call recording to improve their close rates on potential new business by over 30%!

Online Reporting

With Factor One, if you’re using Call Tracking our clients have full access to real-time online reporting for all the numbers we track.

This means that your management team can access all the call information anytime the need and adjust or optimize processes and messaging quickly.  In addition, they can rate calls and attach dollar amounts to conversions to get a more accurate metrics on which channels are generating the most revenue from calls.


YouTube Advertising

If you’re a company that is spending a lot of money on TV or Radio ads and you’re not quite sure if it’s working, STOP!  With paid search marketing on YouTube, you can get your brand, message, story or product in front of an incredible number of people.

How many “cord cutters” do you currently know?  Or have you recently cut the cord for your cable?  In Canada, this number is getting larger and many of us are migrating to YouTube for our entertainment.

Canadians & YouTube

Think of this. Over 1 billion hours of advertising are watched every single day on YouTube.  In Canada, we watched 30% more on YouTube in 2016 than we did in 2015.

How about this statistic as an advertising platform.  93% of ads on YouTube are viewable and 95% of ads are watched with the sound turned on.  Why? Because with YouTube you can put your ads in front of the audience that is most likely going to connect with your ad.  In fact, many of your competitors likely don’t have a paid search marketing strategy that targets YouTube.

How Do YouTube Ads Work?

Advertising on YouTube can be quite inexpensive but a great way to get your brand in front of an audience.   The two main paid search marketing features are TrueView and In-Display.

TrueView ads run as pre-roll to the video a viewer where it gives them the option to skip the ad after five seconds.  An ad only counts as a view if the person watches past 30 seconds, which means they really need to be engaged with the ad.

In-Display ads will advertise your videos in the search results for relevant keywords and you only pay if someone clicks on the ad to watch the video.

Rather that read more about it, why not check out the video over here and watch a person explain it while being bombarded with puppies!

For more in depth information on our YouTube strategies visit our YouTube Advertising page.


What Is Remarketing?

Remarketing is essentially a way to advertise to people who have interacted with either your website, your YouTube channel or have even visited your store. Have you ever been to a website, looked at some products and then saw ads for those same products on another website?  That’s what remarketing is.

People debate whether these are creepy or annoy people, which is completely fair, but the data shows implicitly that these types of ads work.  However, they need to be done right.  We’ve seen way too many agencies sell their clients on remarketing but they don’t do it properly, so the client ends up wasting a lot of money and potentially annoying their customers.

We believe in remarketing but we also want to make sure it’s done right, which means tailoring campaigns for the right purpose and tracking how well it’s achieving our client’s goals.

Remarketing For Search Ads

Paid Search Marketing For Remarketing Lists

Remarketing for search ads lets you use your current email list to match against them against those emails that have a google account.  You can then target and optimize for your search lists.

Remarketing For AdWords Basics