Data Driven Marketing – A Gut Upgrade?

For a long time, creative marketing was targeted on specific business branding and creating a narrative for the potential demographic. Much like Mad Men - instincts and creativity lead to market [...]

Empowering Ads On Youtube

I recently read a post by YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki about a rising trend in popular ads running on YouTube that is empowering, specifically about women.  There are several brands over the past [...]

YouTube April Ads Leaderboard

Okay, here it is!  One of my favorite times of the month is the release of the YouTube Ads Leaderboard where they show the top 10 ads for the previous month.  I really enjoy watchin these for the [...]

Wendy’s Fires Up Its YouTube Advertising Presence

So how does a traditional mainstream company use cutting edge digital media to help grow an already established brand?  They use YouTube.  But adding YouTube to their marketing tools [...]

Should My YouTube Ad Be Long Or Short?

This is a very common question that many advertisers think about when they start thinking about the type and length of ad they want to promote on YouTube.  There is a simple answer for this too.  [...]