Near Me Searches – Where Do You Show?

Near me searches have grown by over 200% in the last year according to an article published recently by Google.  Titled "Micro-Moments Now: Why 'near me' intent is a 'near you' opportunity" they [...]

Remarketing Optimization

Remarketing is one of those words that many marketers throw around as a cool buzz word but don't actually do much with the capabilities of remarketing to help their clients use it to its full [...]

Data Driven Marketing – A Gut Upgrade?

For a long time, creative marketing was targeted on specific business branding and creating a narrative for the potential demographic. Much like Mad Men - instincts and creativity lead to market [...]

Landing Pages – They Are Important To Your Campaign

Landing pages are an important element that can make or break the success of a marketing campaign. Too often I’ve seen marketing campaigns dump their ads on the home page and leave the customer [...]

Should I Hire A Digital Marketing Agency Or A Manager?

Hiring a digital marketing agency, especially for a small or mid-sized business can make more economical sense than to hire a full-time manager. In this article, I want to go over a few reasons [...]

Marketing Podcasts – Some Of My Favorites

Marketing podcasts or any podcasts for that matter are a great way for us with busy lives to either learn something about a topic or listen to engaging conversations about an interesting subject [...]

What Does Google Partner Mean To Us?

Being a certified Google Partner means quite a bit to us and we take a bit of pride in being a good partner. For those of you that don’t know, Google has a partner program whereby agencies must [...]

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