YouTube Ad Sequencing

Under the hood: Video ad sequencing | YouTube Advertisers

If you’re not familiar with “ad sequencing” it’s an feature on YouTube that allows you to serve YouTube ads to an audience but rather than simply showing one ad you have the ability to serve them ads in a particular order.  Why would you want to do this and how would this work?

Take us for example.  One way we use ad sequencing is to reinforce brand recognition and recall.  This particular method is called the Direct Shot.  This sequence uses four to six videos to present the same idea from different angles and is great reinforcing features and benefits.

In this sequence example we show our 60 second video as the first video in the sequence.  If a viewer skips our ad prior to the 30 second mark we remove them from the sequence as they may not have been interested in our content.  If, however, a person showed interest in our first video, we serve 4 unique 6 second, unskippable bumper ads that reinforce our brand name, features and benefits and finally serve same 60 second ad that they saw the first time.

This sequence can take place over several days, but we can limit how often a person may enter a sequence during a campaign in order to avoid ad fatigue.

So what are the types of results we’re going for?  Here are what Google’s results were when they analyzed this type of sequencing campaign vs a typical 30 second spot.

Direct Shot Metrics


Playlist – Our Ad Sequence