As everybody is talking about the advantages of digital marketing, using abbreviations as SEO and SEM and social media, business owners are quite a bit confused.  Could it harm your business if you have no idea about digital marketing?

Just Increasing Traffic?

Many famous digital marketing agencies and PPC professionals sell advertising based on the number of clicks. Clients basically buy clicks (traffic) at a price that is defined quasi by the agency.   This structure might be acceptable for certain placements on the Display Network, but definitely not for search ads in AdWords. Given the almost unlimited setup options in AdWords, the traffic directed to the website needs to be the highest quality with the budget provided, not the highest quantity available. There is a huge difference between the two. Often times the low-quality clicks are the cheap ones. Paying for irrelevant traffic is unnecessary and potentially a waste of money.

The Website

The other big issue is when the digital marketing agency stays away from making recommendations about the website or landing page. Often time this is not a very fair approach. For example, if the client would like to increase sales of a certain product or service with a landing page that obviously is not able to reach that goal, even with amazingly performing ads. In cases like that the advertiser absolutely has to make recommendations and communicate it to the client how to make the page more effective. Unfortunately, in our experience, very few agencies are willing to take the extra step.

Pricing Models

We often times have clients coming from search engine marketing agencies where they were charged based on the number of clicks with “no management fees”. The problem with this type of pricing model is that the client is not aware of how much of his advertising money is used to generate traffic and how much it goes to the agency. In our opinion, the best pricing model is to charge for the actual work that needs to get done and dedicate the advertising budget to ads. We like keeping things extremely transparent, so our clients know exactly which keywords are expensive, effective and well searched. The question is how much does the client understand that. It is not like gastronomy when you can decide if you like a dish, even if you don’t know how to make it. You need to understand strategies and traffic behavior a little bit at least, even though someone else is the executor of your online marketing campaigns.

Wake Up Call

Probably some of the readers of this article will be exasperated about my following claims, but I feel obligated to share them:

There is no online marketer in the world that will create an automatic revenue-producing marketing tool from scratch and the business operator just needs to provide the budget to support it. You wouldn’t build a house like that either – you wouldn’t just ask someone who knows how to build walls, give them the money and wait for them to let you know when you can move in. Understanding the strategies is required at the least, also setting up the goals and determine the main direction.

Even though some people would tell you, there is no method of “10 steps” or X number of things list that you can do at home for an hour a week while you sip wine and listen to jazz, effortlessly providing you thousands of dollars of revenue. Every digital marketing success story includes lots of attempts and a ton of learning. Business owners need to invest time and energy into learning a little bit of digital marketing, even if they have a professional team executing their campaigns.



Hiring a search engine marketing professional is sort of like going to the doctor. They both analyze what the problem is and based on their best knowledge and experience, the professional will offer a few different solutions based on some factors (like budget, timeline, how big of a problem you have). On the other hand, like the doctor would too, the professional will suggest quitting bad habits, and investing in some new solutions that might support the big plan. Either way nor the doctor or the SEM professional will give you guarantees. It is your best interest to make the effort to get better, no one else can do it for you.

Our clients really appreciate the time and effort we put into educating them. We keep them posted about industry trends, website traffic behavior, and long-term plans.

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If the everyday business owners would learn a bit more about online marketing and actually understand it, the unprofessional search engine marketers would not have the audience to fool. It is quite a bit of a luxury to pay for something that you have no idea if it’s beneficial to you.


Inspired by Marton Feher: Is It Luxury To Understand Online Marketing

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