Marketing podcasts or any podcasts for that matter are a great way for us with busy lives to either learn something about a topic or listen to engaging conversations about an interesting subject matter that piques your interest.  For those of you that aren’t familiar with podcasts, the best way I can describe them are like mini radio or tv discussion shows that cover a specific topic that can be found and downloaded for free from most podcast apps for your smartphone or laptop.

Why do I enjoy them?  Lately, I’ve found that social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat have this ability to pull us away from probably doing a lot of what we wish we could be doing.  If you think about it, how often when you have a spare moment or two you’re drawn into looking at some sort of social media feed that in all honesty is probably filled with terrible and irrelevant ads or people sharing largely shallow news talking points that have little substance (and sometimes no truth whatsoever).  That’s because this is what they are designed to do, make you spend a lot of time on it so they can make money serving you ads.  I challenged myself to use this time more productively for both my professional and personal time, which is where podcasts come in.

I searched and found some great marketing podcasts where I’ve heard some great, in-depth conversations and ideas surrounding this extremely exciting subject for me.  Most of the podcasts I listen to are anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes in length and are typically published weekly.  I enjoy listening to them now on my drive into work instead of listening to morning talk radio.  They are also great to listen to while I’m on a 30-minute run as I find my mind pays more attention to what I’m listening to and not on how tired I might feel in the middle of my run!  Or, just sitting in a coffee shop working while listening to a podcast.

I thought I’d share some of the marketing podcasts that I enjoy listening to, along with some others that are part of my daily routine.  The links I’ll provide are on iTunes but you can also find them on Google Play or simply download a podcast app and do a simple search for them.

I’m also a political junkie so I enjoy listening to the daily podcast from the New York Times and well as technical ones like Recode/Decode which has great discussions with Silicon Valley execs about the state of the industry and how they are currently tackling the problem of fake news.

Marketing Podcasts

Online Marketing Made Easy – By Amy Porterfield

These podcasts are put out weekly and are about 50 minutes in length.  They are geared towards entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to build their businesses online.  Some good episode such as Behind The Scenes Of My Website Redesign, Expert Secrets & Online Strategies and Content Creation Ideas To Use When You’re Feeling Uninspired.  She’ll sometimes have on guests but the episodes typically cover the subject matter quite well and have a lot of ideas surrounding social media marketing.

Marketing Over Coffee – By John Wall & Christopher Penn

These podcasts are put out weekly and are typically about 20 minutes and they’ve been producing them since 2015.  They talk about what’s going on with the various online marketing companies like Google and Facebook but also share insights and ideas about how other companies are successfully using online marketing strategies.  I like it because they’re discussions are easy going and the audience is not expected to know a lot of insider lingo.

Coppyblogger FM – By The Digital Marketing & Sales Network

Currently hosted by Sonia Simone these are published weekly and are anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes long.  Each week Sonia and a cast of rotating experts analyze the week in content marketing, copywriting, email marketing, conversion optimization, mindset and more.  A bit more detailed for those of us that are into these strategies but a great source for inspiration, ideas and just great conversations.

I challenge you to find some of your own favorite podcasts as I’m willing to bet many of you don’t even know these are out there.

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