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One of the most important tools we use when managing our clients’ campaigns is Call Tracking.  It’s important because we’ve noticed an important metric. When people call during advertised business hours and get either get prompted to leave a voicemail they rarely ever call back.

When we first meet with clients and ask them how important phone calls are almost every single business owner tells us they are the most important form of a lead.  They’re important because the customer has taken the time to reach out but also because they have a better chance of securing the business if they have the opportunity to have a conversation directly with their prospective customer.  When someone fills out a contact form online the likelihood of securing that business has a much lower close ratio when comparing it to leads from phone calls.

Knowing this, however, we have discovered that even though businesses know this there are many who don’t make a priority of answering every call and rely on their answering machine to capture the information.  The reality that we’ve discovered is that hardly any first-time callers will ever leave a message and even worse they never call back.

Take the following data we gathered for a client that relies heavily on phone calls to book appointments.  They get quite a few calls.  With our call tracking, I want to share with you some data.  We use call tracking for both AdWords (online marketing) and Organic (search engines).

Call Tracking Calls That Went To Voicemail

Calls That Went To Voice Mail
Missed Callers That Requested Quote
Callers That Called Back
Closing Rate

Call Tracking Calls That Were Answered

Calls That Were Answered
Callers That Requested Quote
Quotes That Turned Into Business
Closing Rate

It became very evident in how important it was for the business to make sure that the calls were answered.  Let’s put this into the perspective of lost business.

Let’s assume that in this case, each quote was worth $100 of revenue.  Of the 65 calls received from ads, 46 resulted in new business for a close ratio of 69% and $4,600.  Given that the missed calls resulted in 2 quotes but no closed sales let’s give the unanswered calls the same metrics as the ones that were answered.

41 calls at a close rate of 69% would be about 28 new business closes and a total loss of potential business of $2,800.

Now that they can effectively monitor their calls with call tracking they were able to address the situation they were largely unaware was a problem.  As a result, this one tool has helped them do a better job of answering all the calls that come in and ultimately more business.

With the increasing amounts of micro moments a person has in a day, it’s vital that when they reach out to your business, especially a phone call, that you are able to answer it immediately as the data shows people rarely call back and will move onto the next business that will give them the attention they need.

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