Okay, here it is!  One of my favorite times of the month is the release of the YouTube Ads Leaderboard where they show the top 10 ads for the previous month.  I really enjoy watchin these for the creativity, the storytelling and to really see how engaging advertising is on YouTube and how companies and brands can tell their story when they aren’t limited to the traditional 15 and 30 second ads we see on TV.

I also like how they start things off with something that’s become a trend lately on YouTube which is reaction videos so they start with brand marketers watching the leaderboard ads.  My 3 favorites from this month was the Leap Of Faith by FIA Formula E Championship, The Conductor by Nike Basketball and Organic Balance:  Real Morning Report by Organicvalley.

Below is the reaction video of brand marketers followed by the complete 10 video play list.  Grab a coffee and be entertained for the next 15 minutes.

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