So how does a traditional mainstream company use cutting edge digital media to help grow an already established brand?  They use YouTube.  But adding YouTube to their marketing tools doesn’t mean they have to trash their traditional media, it’s simply all about reaching the right person, with the right message at the right time.  The brand awareness of Wendy’s was not the issue, it was the relevancy and consideration around a well established quick serve brand that was.

One of the stories they wanted to tell, than not many people knew about was the story of their salads and how they get from the field to the Wendy’s restaurant.  They saw a boos in ad recall around their ads and an increase in the search terms related to their campaign by over 140%.  They were also able to target better the younger millennial demographic through targeting on YouTube.  Watch the full story in this short 3 minute video.

What type of story would you want to share with your audience?


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